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Ring size guide

The following details are a guide to help you size a ring. There are many websites you can look through if you type 'ring size guide' into your search engine. Many vary by a couple of mm's. The same can be said for the actual rings. When they are cast there can be slight variations.

To get the most accurate size for my rings on this website, measure the diameter of one of your own rings that fits. This can be done quite easily by drawing around the internal area of the ring onto a piece of paper. Then measure across the middle at the widest point of the circle to the edges of the lines. Compare it to the measurements below. If the measurement is in between its usually better to opt for the larger size. 

Another method is to use some string with no stretch .. dental floss is ideal and wrap around (not tightly though) the desired finger generally near the knuckle especially if it’s a bit larger. Then cut or hold where it meets and then measure the length. I would suggest doing this method 3 to 4 times to get the most consistent therefore accurate measurement. 


Finger sizes can also vary depending on the climate you live in. Here in Broome we find our fingers swell with the heat and humidity.
So really, buying rings online can be a bit difficult. Remember though, if it doesn't quite fit the finger you hoped for you've got 9 others to choose from !! (...or for the purists out there, 7 and 2 ! )
                                                                                   Helpful hints for pearl set rings ... 

All pearls are drilled and set onto a pin that is set into the ring. They are then glued into place.

.....ALWAYS use the base (shank) of the ring to push on and pull off your finger. If you hold the pearl you will very probably crack the adhesive.

.....if you knock your ring against a hard surface this can also crack the adhesive. Check it gently for movement.

.....pearls are a porous structure and will absorb moisture. This can affect the longevity of the adhesive and the possible loss of the pearl. So don't wear them washing up !! :)

If you do encounter a problem we are always here to help if we can. Send us an email and we will see what we can do.