About Us

Dahlia Designs was established in Broome in 2004.

From humble beginings, making pieces of jewellery in a caravan park, I knew that I had found what I wanted to do. The business has since grown and expanded with outlets in many resorts and shops around Broome and The Kimberley and further afield in Australia.

The name.... I often get called Dahlia which I don't mind, but I'm often asked where did the name come from ? It's very simple ... it was my dads favourite flower.  I can remember them in the garden many years ago when I was little and he'd call me out to look at the stunning colourful blooms. And they had a wonderful fragance too ..... and that memory makes me giggle as I remember my dad getting stung by a bumble bee on the end of his nose !! Not funny at the time I guess ... I know I was terrified !

What next ? .... I love what I do. Along with my husband Martin, who is the other half of this mad team, our plans are to keep designing, keep having fun and keep making each other and our customers smile.....

Thanks so much

Amanda xxx