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Each of these baroque strands are one-offs as no two will ever be quite the same. This one available has 14 fabulous freshwater baroque pearls.. 6 black and 8 white. The feature drop is a gorgeous black pearl approx 33mm long. Other pearls in the strand vary between 28 and 37mm. 
The nature of baroque pearls means there are some with what we like to call ‘inclusions’ as they add to the natural feel of the pearl. Some may view them as flaws but nature creates what it creates ! All of these are usually only on one side and are quite small and the pearls can be swivelled around to suit.
The feature drop is detachable and can be worn on its own on your own chain or collar. Therefore the strand can also be worn without the drop also. The disc can also be removed or used as a feature either to the front or side or worn at the back if preferred.
This is a truly versatile and epic piece !!

Length : including disc 45cm

Disc diameter : 2.5cm